Is Programmatic Media Buying As Sensational As They Say?

programmatic media buys

Programmatic is by far one of the most transformative advancements in media in the last 10 years. If you’re not leveraging programmatic targeting and its wealth of data to fuel your marketing efforts, you’re missing out on opportunities and revenue.

I know it is hard to decipher what is really ground breaking and what is hype. You are likely used to being pitched the newest and best media targeting, or the new social platform that is supposedly going to revolutionize the industry. We media people LOVE being in the KNOW. We are bleeding edge, early adopters who want to find the next big marketing vehicle and be the first to use it with our clients’ brands to transform the marketplace. However, at ESM we do not just bring the newest idea to the table because it is new, we bring it to the table because it can drive our clients’ business forward. Programmatic is one of those things we are bringing to the table.

But what is programmatic? Programmatic ad buying at its basest level is audience buying. It refers to the use of software to purchase advertising in real time, similar to paid search. It’s different from the more traditional Request for Proposal media buying practice that includes negotiation and insertion orders. Essentially, programmatic uses data and technology to target an individual rather than potential traffic.

[Tweet “In 2015, nearly $15 billion in ad buys were purchased programmatically”]While some of the buzz around programmatic buying is in fact hype, it’s worth paying attention to. In 2015 $14.88 billion worth of U.S. advertisements, were purchased programmatically.  That means 52 percent of all non-search digital ad transactions (banner ads, video etc.) was bought programmatically.

As the digital channel began to emerge, its original promise was that it could bring a true one-to-one marketing opportunity for brands to consumers. Twenty-two years into the digital evolution and we haven’t yet reached that level. However, programmatic targeting brings us as close as we have ever been. We as marketers want the ability to engage consumers throughout the path to purchase. We want to present them with our brand at the moment they are seeking inspiration, regardless of the website they visit or the device they use.  That is how we get closer to achieving that one-to-one relationship with our consumers. Programmatic targeting allows you to do that. Through the activation of data, your data, about your customers, students, prospects, we can target other users who most closely resemble the consumer who is likely to convert for your brand. This helps to eliminate waste and maximize your budget, increasing ROI. Who does not want a more efficient marketing campaign?

Programmatic is transforming the advertising industry, not just in digital. Brands are looking for channels with direct ROI, and consumers are getting savvier every day with regard to how they want to be interacted with. As consumers evolve and engage with screens in ways we never imagined at the dawn of digital, it’s imperative that marketers and brands keep pace. In the digital marketing world, those changes will be staggeringly swift. Brands, and marketers alike, are being forced to evolve or be left behind. Which will you be?

If you’d like to learn more about how programmatic media buying can transform your marketing and your organization, contact us now. You have questions; we’ve got answers.

Joel Breen