Interruptive Advertising: Is It Killing Your Student Recruitment?

interruptive advertising

Do you remember the old days when you’d be watching a television show and just as they were getting to the best part, bam! A commercial. That’s interruptive advertising. And while you may have gotten used to it, Millennials have no patience for it. So if you expect to reach them, you need another plan.

What’s wrong with interruptive advertising?

  •  It’s easier than ever to avoid with paid channels, DVRs and that wonderful Skip button
  • It’s just white noise and eye-clutter to Millennials who are expert at blocking it out
  • It can alienate the very audience you’re trying to engage with
  • It rarely provides the kind of useful, interesting info your audience craves
  • It’s often too broadly targeted, unappealing and ineffective
  • It paints you as a nuisance instead of an authority

How can you engage without interrupting?

Use content marketing: Create great content that is more about what your audience needs and less about what you want. Sure, you want leads that turn into enrollments. But your prospects want answers. The more you can be the solution to their problems, the more likely they will turn to you when they are ready to enroll.

Target people who want to engage: The great thing about digital marketing is that there are so many ways to truly match your content with the people who most want to see it. You can choose to put your blog post about do-it-yourself car repairs in front of would-be auto technicians who might be interested in your auto technology program. Or you can target ads for your RN-to-BSN program exclusively to nurses.

Go where your audience is, when they are there: In case you haven’t heard, if you’re not on mobile, you’re wasting your time and money. For many in the 18-34 demographic, mobile isn’t just another place they’ll find your content; it’s the only place. Add to that notion the fact that Google will hit you hard if you’re not mobile responsive, and you’ll understand why being mobile is vital for your marketing efforts. You also need to consider when you present your content. Just because your business runs 9-5 doesn’t mean your prospects do. Post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media channels when your prospective students are most likely to be interested and ready to engage.

If you want to reach your prospects, don’t interrupt their lives; become a part of their lives. At Effective Student Marketing, we can show you how!


~Linda Emma