If Improved Enrollment is the Question: Diversity is the Answer

diversity on college campuses

Enrollment yield continues its steady decline on college campuses across the country. But the fact that your institution isn’t alone is probably not much of a comfort. Those plummeting admissions numbers represent students and programs and staff. If you don’t want to further fall victim to these troubling trends, it’s time to change what you do and how you do it. Toss out those expensive glossy brochures piling up in the suburban mailboxes of middle class America. Kill the television and radio ads. Banish the billboards. Think differently. About whom you target and how you reach them.

Did you know that even though the population of white students on college campuses is expected to decline by 14 percent by 2030, the opposite is true for minority and underserved students? Their numbers are on the rise. In fact, among Hispanic students, enrollments are expected to increase by 12 percent in that same time frame.1

So why not target those students who might actually enroll at your institution?

If more students in seats and online is your goal, diversity really is the answer.

But diversity has many other benefits besides its potential to increase your enrollments. If you’d like to learn all about why you should diversify your campus and your online programs and how to do it using social media, download the ESM Digital whitepaper: How to Diversity Your Student Body Through Social Media Recruitment now.

We’ll help you find, recruit and enroll a more diverse student body.

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