If a Picture Is Worth 1000 Words, Then Video Is…

Video Advertising



Our friends over at MarketingProfs dubbed 2015 the year of video marketing back in Dec of last year. And they did not oversell. If you don’t already use video marketing, it’s time to catch up! Your competitors are building an audience, engaging with prospects, and enrolling students. Why aren’t you?

Here are 6 benefits of video. Can you some think of more?

Your students like them! Videos are awesome. We’re visual beings and the only thing better than powerful static images scrolling across your laptop, tablet or phone are pictures that move. Your students don’t just welcome good quality video; they seek it out. Internet video traffic will be 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2019.

They’re mobile. If you haven’t already noticed, your students are on their mobile phones –a LOT! And they’re not just using them to call and text. YouTube has virtually replaced television for younger viewers and more than half watch their favorite videos on their mobile device. Create great video content and your prospects can—and will—watch it anywhere, anytime.

They engage. If you want prospects to turn into students, you need to show them what they can expect once they come on board. What better way than video? You can use video to introduce your school, its programs, and most importantly, your students. When prospects see students they can relate to, finding success, they’ll believe they can too.

They work. More than 80 percent of marketers say that videos yield results and more than 70 percent say that videos convert better than any other medium. That’s because your students remember what they see. Videos and their messages are retained better than other content you put online. That simple “play” button can open a world of possibilities for you and your students.

They’re easy to create. Stop thinking about high-production television commercials that cost a fortune and are disseminated to the masses. Your students don’t need them and they’re not watching television! Produce video with an authentic look and feel and your students will believe what you say. Or better still, post some user generated content to really engage.

They’re trackable. Post an ad on YouTube and you have the power to effectively track your results. Advertisers in the television era had to rely on some vague connection between campaigns and an uptick of sales without knowing for sure if there was truly a cause and effect relationship. YouTube enables you to track who’s watching, for how long and what they do after they see your video.

If you’re not already using video, you NEED to be. Check out next week’s post on YouTube advertising or contact the #HigherEdGeeks to learn how you can get started right now.

~Linda Emma