How To Use YouTube Video to Generate Leads

student taking pictures for college website

Did you know that adding video to your landing page can increase conversions by 80 percent?1

Video specialists Wyzowl reports that more than 60 percent of businesses have incorporated video as a marketing tool.1

Video is a powerful tool that enables businesses to visually demonstrate products and services. Can this be translated into academia? Absolutely! Why only tell people about your institution when you can show them?

How Video Supports SEO and Boosts Conversions

Your webpage is 53X more likely to rank first in Google if you have a YouTube video embedded in it.2 By adding video, you increase the amount of time a visitor spends on your site. This signals to Google that you have good content and boosts your rank in search. This is why 45 percent of businesses that use video house it on their homepages. Additionally, 98 percent of users say they’ve watched explainer videos to learn more about a product or service.1

So who will you “explain” your institution? Consider filming tours of your campus and student life. Capture the essence of your culture and make a connection with the viewer through video. The more a video resonates with a viewer on an emotional level, the more likely they will be to share that video. More than three-quarters of users say they would share a branded video if they found it entertaining.1

If you’re worried about breaking the bank to produce a high-quality video, rest assured. Users have said that they were put off by videos that did not communicate clearly the service or product, low-quality didn’t matter that much.1Focus on delivering a clear message and compelling footage of your school.

And video should not be limited to just your website. Incorporate it into your outreach initiatives and overall marketing strategy. Emails that include a video receive an increase click-through rate of 96 percent!3

In addition to video marketing, YouTube also presents an excellent opportunity to reach your audience through advertisements. It is the second most popular social network in the world.4

If you’d like help integrating video into your student outreach initiatives, contact us!

~Cindy Allen