How to Use Your Graduates to Increase Your School’s Leads

Most of your prospective students are focused on the end goal of their education: a new career or a promotion. A great way of selling the career-focused education that your school offers is to tell the stories of your alumni who have successfully started new careers in their fields of study.

Your graduates will be some of your best resources when it comes to content marketing! Start tapping into these resources by getting on the phone and simply asking them if they would like to be featured in your school’s content marketing material. Explain to them that this article or video is also beneficial to them because they’ll be able to share it with friends, family, or even potential employers depending on the industry.

During the actual interview, be sure to take detailed notes. You want to be able to include accurate quotes from the graduate in your article. The article should capture what it’s like to be in your graduate’s shoes and how the training they received at your school helped them get to where they are today. Here are some sample questions to ask during your interview:

  • What were you doing before you decided to continue your education?
  • What motivated your decision to go back to school?
  • Why did you specifically choose to enroll in our school?
  • How was your experience at our school?
  • How did the education and training you receive here prepare you for work in the field?
  • What advice would you give to students who might be looking to follow in your footsteps?
  • What are your future career goals?

When you’re writing the article, make sure to prominently highlight quotes that the graduate made about your school. Most of the prospective students who will be reading this article online will be quickly scanning it. By using pull quotes or boldfaced text, it will help these quotes jump to their attention. Not to mention, since the sentence is coming straight from the mouth of a graduate, it helps boost its credibility in the mind of the prospect.

Finally, tie it all together by giving additional information about your school’s career-focused curriculum, externship program, or Career Services Department. This will show how your school and your school’s network is a valuable resource for a prospect’s future career. When posting this to your school’s website and social media, try to include a form to capture prospects’ contact information, or, at the very least, include information on how they can take the next steps towards enrolling.

Prospective students who are researching your school online will be able to relate to the graduates you choose to feature with your content marketing. Your prospects want to be just like these successful graduates, so learn to use their inspiring stories to your school’s advantage!

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