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How to use Twitter to Increase Your Student Enrollment

If your school is already on Twitter, you need to ask yourself: Are you really using it to its fullest potential?

Integrated into a comprehensive marketing strategy, Twitter can be a remarkable tool to engage with students and future students. You can begin conversations, answer questions and provide prospects, students and graduates with useful information. On the other hand, if you set up your Twitter account just because it seems like the “thing to do” and then leave it on its own, you may as well not have an account all. Neglecting Twitter is worse than not having it and will send a message that you don’t care enough to engage.

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Our How-To guide will reveal some of the dos and don’ts of Twitter use for marketing. For example, do you know the 3 common mistakes schools make on Twitter? Or did you know that even though Twitter caps tweets at 140 characters, you’ll get better engagement with tweets of 100 characters or less? Our guide also recommends that you tweet between 3 and 4 times a day. Too many tweets will annoy your target; two few will leave it disengaged.

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