How to Overcome Your Content Marketing Challenges in 2016

Beating the Odds in Content Marketing

Marketers say that producing engaging content is their top challenge. If the experts are stymied by this must-have piece of marketing, what can you do at your school to overcome such a daunting challenge in 2016? If you want to produce quality content that consistently resonates with your constituencies, follow these 6 rules:

Have a strategy. Start with your school’s goals and objectives. While your overarching goal may be to increase enrollment, raising brand awareness, increasing referral traffic and generating leads will help you get there. Your content marketing strategy needs to consider what you’ll produce and in what quantity to satisfy each of your unique objectives.

Know your audience.  You can’t produce great content if you don’t know who you’re producing it for! And while it’s imperative for you to have a consistent voice, you should not cover the same topic in a pitch to a future welder as you would to someone you’d like to enroll in your Master of Education program.

Be versatile. Everything you produce is some kind of content. Whether you’re running an email campaign targeting your grads or producing lead generation ads for Facebook, you need a wide variety of content. Don’t rely on just a blog or only ads. Create EBooks and Newsletters and Infographics and Videos and Whitepapers and Webinars. You get the point –create enough kinds of contents so you can hit all kinds of prospects.

Repurpose. Once you create all that great content, get as much out of it as you can. That video needs a blog post introducing it and an ad promoting it. Segment out your awesome infographic and use its components as engagement images. Parse down the weighty material of your white paper into shorter posts, quotes and visuals. If you spend time researching, writing and creating, why not repurpose, recycle and reuse?

Target and remarket. Consider the audience for each piece of content you produce. A blog post highlighting your campus’s expansion may be well targeted to alumni and potential donors but probably won’t resonate well with recruits. And once you’ve honed in on those prospects who’ve expressed an interest in what you have to offer, remarket to them in a way that fits who they are, what they like and where they are in the decision making journey.

Measure. Content marketing is a moving target. What worked really well just last year may prove fully ineffectual today. The only way to know for sure is to measure. Using metrics and analytics, find out what works and what doesn’t, and adjust accordingly.

If you’d like to create and carry out an effective content marketing strategy, contact the Higher Ed Geeks at Effective Student Marketing. We know how to produce quality content and measure its success.

~Linda Emma