How to Optimize Your College’s Video

Your college has a story to tell. Tell it through video!

It’s a visual, busy, moving, audio world! If you aren’t engaging with your students and future students with video, you’re missing out. And so are they. Video allows them to discover all that you offer in a way that feels right and natural to them. It could also help your future students find like-minded scholars with whom they can learn, grow, and excel.

Once you create great video content, make sure you optimize it. Check out these 8 video optimization strategies from ESM Digital:

  • Optimize your title. Start with keywords that aligns with the content you create. Then choose a catchy, concise, clickable title that tells what your video is about. Consider the user and be creative and fun.
  • Create relevant metadata. Think of the user first, but don’t neglect search engines. Build metatags, alt tags, and meta descriptions that help users and search engines find your videos. Use relevant long-tailed keywords and clear calls-to-action.
  • Think thumbnail. Create a thumbnail that has an image and text that will convince the user to click. An eye-catching image, engaging question, or clear call to action helps tell prospective students what your video is all about and why they should watch.
  • Be mobile. Make sure your video is optimized for mobile. Use quality audio, large text, and close up images that will pop from smartphones. Keep your videos under two minutes and make sure to test across devices before going live.
  • Promote across channels. Post your video to YouTube, embed it on Facebook, make it part of your school’s website. Share it on social media sites and drive students from wherever they are online to your site.
  • Add a transcript. The more keyword rich text connected with your video, the more likely search engines will find it. Consider adding a full transcript to the audio portion of your video or including it in the description box.
  • Build a sitemap. Provide all the necessary data in your HTML code so search engines are crystal clear about everything that is included in your video such as:
  1. Title
  2. Descriptions
  3. Subject
  4. Duration


  •  Use your video as the foundation to a whole marketing campaign. Write a blog post about it, create an ad, design an infographic. Evergreen content that starts with an engaging video can help your future students find you and convince them that they belong at your school.

Interested in learning more about how to produce awesome video that tells the story of your institution? Contact the HigherEd Geeks at ESM Digital.

~Linda Emma