How to Blow Up Your Marketing Silos

I like to think that I create some awesome content for our clients. But the truth is, I rarely do it alone. It’s an Effective Student Marketing team effort but it all starts with you, the client. Unless you let me into your school, introduce me to your students and graduates, teach me a bit about your programs, tell me about your goals and share some of your successes –I can’t be much help.

But when you do? That’s when the magic happens.

Tell Account Manager Justin that your surgical tech program needs a little love and he grabs the challenge with both hands. He might look at what’s worked for other clients but he never settles on a past solution to a current problem. He knows that your school isn’t like other schools; yours is unique.

[Tweet “Blow up your Marketing Silos with help from Effective Student Marketing”]At a brainstorming session, our team might decide upon an infographic as one sliver of an overall strategy designed to generate more quality leads and increase enrollments for that surgical tech program. But even that single piece of marketing content doesn’t live alone in a silo.

After lots of research about your school, the program and the whole surgical technician profession, I’ll start to write the copy. I’ll check in with Greg for some pearls of keyword wisdom that might help the infographic boost your school’s ranking by search engines. When the copy is complete, Suki will bring it to life with some eye-popping graphics and school-branded design. Then, Devon will design some attention-grabbing ads, while Marcy runs an email campaign that targets the content to just the right prospects and Alyssa pushes out the infographic on the social media platforms that make the most sense for your school’s brand.

You might mark the project done when that infographic is live on your website, next to a form that brings in conversions, but we don’t. Oliver creates some informative, but easy-to-follow reports that explain what we’ve done and the results it’s garnered. From those results, we continue to tweak what we do and how we do it long after the infographics first publication. And throughout the entire process, our Chief HigherEd Geek Andy urges, encourages and guides us all to reach and improve. He tells us to think outside the search box and invites us all to take a chance.

If you want real results, don’t rely on a single marketing strategy. Let the HigherEd Geeks at Effective Student Marketing blow up your silos, unite the best of what’s inside and create some marketing magic. The results will astound you!

~Linda Emma