How Paid Retargeting Can Nurture Your Leads

Paid Remarketing

Your students’ journeys through the enrollment funnel vary. That’s because every lead doesn’t follow the same, linear path. Not every one of your leads will fill out a form the first time they land on your website. A prospective student might visit your website without taking any action, but then a few months later, click on your Facebook post and follow it to your blog. A few days later, that same student might click on your ad and fill out a form on your landing page. Be sure that you nurture your leads throughout this entire journey.

Paid retargeting is when you serve your leads relevant ads on external channels. These leads are people who have already engaged with your school in some way. At Hubspot’s INBOUND 2015, we learned that paid retargeting can help you nurture these leads through the enrollment funnel. Here’s how:

Social Media
Content is still king. Just like any other inbound marketing strategy, be sure the copy and creative match the lead’s stage within the lifecycle. Keep in mind that some channels work better than others during different stages. And, match the type of ad you use to your goals. For example, if you want conversions, stick to ads in the desktop news feed. But, if you care more about impressions, then try ads on the right side column.

Display Ads on Third Party Sites
You can nurture your leads with a series of ads that familiarize them with your school, build trust, and open the door for conversations with your admissions team. Choose the right retargeting campaign for the goal you want to achieve. If you want to re-engage your leads and remind them about the programs you offer, use campaigns that foster brand awareness. Use conversion campaigns when you want to convert them. Much like social media, display ads often assist lead generation.  The results of these assisted leads can be seen through your website’s SEO and overall traffic.

At Effective Student Marketing, we understand that not every lead will convert right away. We know how to nurture your leads through the entire enrollment funnel using paid retargeting. Contact us today to learn how.

~ Lindsay Moura