How Effective Marketing Communication Can Improve Retention

Effective Student Marketing for Retention

If you think marketing can help you attract and enroll new students, you’re only looking at part of the story.  With an integrated strategy and effective communication, your initial marketing efforts to prospective students could help you build long term relationships that translate to additional enrollments, improved retention, increased graduations, and more. Learn why effective communication can translate into long term retention:

If you build it, they will come. But only if you build it correctly. Build the right programs and you’ll attract the right students. Data obtained from search marketing can prove invaluable as you expand existing programs and create news ones. The predictive power of Google trends and searched keywords could allow you to see what potential students are actually looking for. For example, search data surrounding your MBA program might unearth actual queries for MBA Programs in Finance or MBA Programs in Human Resources. If most of your potential students are typing those queries, what could your school do with that insight? When you know what prospects truly care about, you can customize how you speak to them, and even what programs you offer.

Find the right students. Digital marketing is particularly effective at finding the right students for the programs you offer. We do this first by gathering insight into who your most successful students are. Who has applied, enrolled, stayed and graduated? Where did they come from? What degrees attracted them? Once we understand your student personas, we can target them where they roam in the digital sphere. Sure, we can find them when they search. But even more importantly, we can find them even when they’re not actively searching. That means we can reach your future computer engineering student as he’s gaming online. Or we can serve a timely ad to that teacher seeking classroom tips as she also contemplates where she’ll attain her master’s degree.

Segment your message. If you only target the potential students who are ready to commit to your school, you’re missing out on all those who aren’t yet sure. They may be at the very beginning stages of their decision making process or narrowing their choices. Make sure you stay at the top of their list with targeted marketing that helps deliver the right message at the right time. Address the concerns of those students for where they are in the funnel and answer their most pressing and relevant questions to help them make decisions about their future that might lead to your institution.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”dQeaM” via=”no” ]Engaged students are more likely to be successful students. Find out how #effectivestudentmarketing can help[/ctt]Create and build a community. Social media marketing helps you reach students before, during, and after they are enrolled. Whether it’s info on what to do before they arrive on campus or regular updates on campus events once they’re enrolled, you can put marketing measures in place that help foster relationships with your students and keep them engaged. And engaged students are more likely to be successful students.

If you want to reach the students who are most likely to find success at your school and beyond, let the HigherEd Geeks at Effective Student Marketing show you how. Contact us today and we’ll help you customize the conversation you have with your future students.

~Linda Emma