How Can Digital Marketing Improve Enrollment Yield?

college graduates raising their caps

Harvard’s enrollment yield rate for the class of 2021 is 84 percent. What’s yours?

If you’re concerned about the decline in enrollment yield over the past few years, you’re certainly not alone. But what can you do about it?

Take a different approach.

Effective digital marketing strategies allow you to connect with future students, nurture relationships, and induce the right students to enroll. It helps students become familiar with who you are as an institution and what you offer even before they’ve picked a major. How’s that for early action?

Consider a digital market approach that is tailor-made to higher education:

Pull, don’t push

Old school college marketing techniques are exactly the opposite of what you need to do to attract millennials. Sure, the first few glossy brochures that make it to the family mailbox seem cool. But as the months go by and the mountains of snail mail pile up, potential students view the smiling faces and claims of grandeur popping in vivid color from those magazine covers as summer clutter. They spend less time reading and more time recycling them.

On the other hand, inbound marketing reaches your future students where they live and breathe: online. It uses several components, like SEO, Content, and Social Media, to invite the right students onto your college’s website, pages, and campus. Here’s how:

SEO: Search Engine Optimization helps to ensure that when future students look for the majors and programs you offer, they’ll find your institution at the top of their search.

Content: You can blanket prospective students with brochures. OR –you can provide them content that they actually care about on media they use every day. Videos on YouTube, Images on Instagram, Stories in their Facebook feeds.

Social Media: Once you produce all that relevant content, you need to promote it across social media and engage with appropriate stakeholders. Helpful conversations on social media channels allow you to build relationships and stay connected, whether you’re talking to a future student, a proud alum, or a potential donor.

And the results of these digital marketing efforts? Students who are more interested and engaged. They truly understand what your institution is all about and why they may be a right fit; students who not only apply, but also get accepted and enroll.

If you’d like to learn more ways that digital marketing can help increase your enrollment yield, contact ESM Digital today. We have customized strategies and a track record of success in higher education. Learn more.

~Linda Emma