Happy New Year! Is Your Website Ready for the New Fiscal Year?

Colleges making their fiscal year plans

Okay, so maybe it’s not actually the beginning of the New Year, but if your fiscal year starts July 1, you’re probably making some serious budget and planning resolutions right about now. And if you want to increase enrollments (who doesn’t?), a great place to hit refresh is your website. Students rely on your website to learn about your institution, its programs, campus life, the admissions process and more. It’s the first impression, but if you do it right, it’s also the second, third and fourth. And while revamping your entire website can be extremely costly, there are ways to move from where you are right now. Take your good site and make it better. It starts with search engine optimization.

Here’s how you can hit refresh before July 1st hits you:

Conduct an SEO Site Audit

You’ll want to examine where your site and its pages currently rank and such factors as:

  • Site Map Structure
  • Organic Traffic Volume by Landing Page, Location and Source
  • Pages Indexed in Google Search Console
  • Crawl Errors
  • Site Speed for Desktop and Mobile
  • Duplicate Content, Titles and Tags
  • Bounce Rate
  • Keywords as Ranked by Google
  • Meta Descriptions

Make Some Changes

Once you’ve identified areas that might be off, consider them as opportunities to improve site traffic, rankings, interest and enrollments! There are more than 200 ranking factors considered by the Google algorithm. You won’t get them all right—and they’re always changing—but even tweaking a few can make a big difference.

At the beginning of the year, we made a single SEO change to our client’s blog posts and produced some pretty significant results:

  • 87 Percent Increase in New Users through Organic Search
  • 73 Percent Increase in Users Finding the Site through the Blog
  • 55 Percent Increase in Overall Website Organic Traffic
  • 16 Percent Increase in Time on Page

Want to know what one small action we took to earn such great organic results? Contact us today and we’ll share a few of our secrets.

~Linda Emma