Greg Caldwell: Our Very Own YouTube Guru

Gred Caldwell Our Very Own YouTube Guru

Search Engine Marketing Specialist Greg Caldwell was front-and-center for the first official YouTube Guru training kickoff held in New York City last month. Joining other marketers from across the country, Greg received specialized training on how best to leverage the huge marketing potential of the YouTube channel.

Run by YouTube’s parent company Google, the training session offered tips, tricks and ideas on how best to engage with your audience on YouTube to get the results you want. Do you want prospective students to engage, convert and enroll? Greg learned how to grab their attention and lead them with a call-to-action that makes sense to where they are in their decision-making process.

According to Greg, the sessions he attended at the Guru training provided him with tools he’ll be able to use as he develops and implements YouTube advertising campaigns for our clients at Effective Student Marketing.

[quote-tag author=”Gred Caldwell” author_title=”YouTube Guru”]YouTube affords our clients a great opportunity to reach potential students long before they’re ready to commit by raising brand awareness. That school branding means when students are ready to enroll, they’ll come looking for our schools and their programs.[/quote-tag]

That is, as long as schools use YouTube to its full potential and follow best practices for the creation, placement and distribution of their ads. Greg said he and his fellow gurus were instructed to “think like a content creator more than an advertiser because people have the option to skip those ads scrolling across their screen. Therefore, the ads need to be meaningful.”

“Content needs to educate, entertain or inspire,” said Greg, “and it needs to be really good.”

On the other hand, Greg also noted the importance of targeting the right audience with that great content. Quoting from the training, Greg said: “Content is king. Distribution is almighty.”

While YouTube can be viewed similarly to television advertising in regard to its visual content, it is a much more targeted medium. Greg said that YouTube can often yield impressive results for considerably less spend.

“YouTube allows us to really narrow the field of viewers we want to reach,” said Greg. “It also has a variety of models so we can pinpoint our budgeting in a way that fits our client needs. For example, we can cap YouTube ad views or choose a model that means our clients don’t pay unless the viewer watches the full ad.”

Greg said it was a privilege to be a part of the launch of the YouTube Guru program and he can’t wait to share his insight and expertise with our clients at Effective Student Marketing. If you’d like to learn how you might incorporate YouTube advertising into your overall marketing strategy, contact us today for a free consultation. Ask for Greg!