Good Digital Design in 2019 is More Important than Ever

Digital Design for 2019

Do you have a favorite commercial? Maybe it’s an Apple spot that gave you goosebumps after the logo dropped or maybe it’s one of those commercials with a catchy song that gets stuck in your head for days. There are plenty of ad campaigns that probably hit home with you. Move from TV to digital, and design is what’s likely to make you remember—even if you’re not aware it’s what’s doing the trick.

Digital design in 2019 is what some would call a “golden age.” Today’s designers are able to produce concepts, images, and action that seemed out of reach just a couple of years ago, and businesses are finally opening their eyes to how crucial good design work is. Successful companies are aware that compelling design boosts clicks, helps separate you from the competition, and ultimately creates lasting impressions on your target audience. If your company or client needs a little help in understanding the importance of design, here are some conversation starters (explained by a completely unbiased designer):


First Impressions are Everything

I know that it’s cliché and seems like… “no duh man” but it’s true. The lesson your grandmother taught you can be applied to design in advertising. People have extraordinarily short attention spans (guilty) and having an eye-catching design may keep your target’s attention for just that extra second that could really make all the difference. A few years ago, Time Magazine compared the human attention span to that of a goldfish. Goldfish won. Now, I would never insult you like that; I would give you at least a golden retriever’s attention span but nonetheless, getting your target’s attention when they are cruising the internet is critical in getting those precious clicks. Provide a good impression to users and it gives your ad and what it sells a sense of legitimacy. Poor design looks spammy. It makes users think you’ll lead them to a webpage that will steal their data or wreck their new tablet. The internet can be a scary place, but a comforting, clean design can assuage fears and lead users where you want them to go. Well-designed ads and landing pages that are modern and sleek can also portray the mood or feeling you want to resonate with the viewer.


Eye Appealing Design Helps You Stand Out

While reading this blog you were probably bombarded by at least one ad for something you don’t care about. Pandora was on in the background trying to sell you on a weekend cruise interrupting your favorite jazz station. The worst. Digital marketing experts estimate that most Americans are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day. Yikes! With the internet flooded with brands pushing ads, how can you stand out? Crafty design of course!

Answer this for me; You’re headed to a dinner party and you need a nice bottle of Cabernet.  How nice. Unfortunately, you have no idea what wine to buy and in your hands are two bottles at the same price point. One has a corny photo of a tree that looks half dead and was possibly taken with a flip phone from 2002. The other option has great typography and a knockout color scheme that makes you want to strike up an interest in wine and has you googling wine pairing classes. Which did you pick? If you’re like me, you would go with the nice label; it seems like a safer bet and a better wine. If your design is great your brand seems like the safer bet and the better choice in the eye of the consumer. Good design provokes emotion like a sappy Hallmark movie around Christmas. Pulling on the heart strings or poking at the feel-good button will certainly help you stand out in the long run.


Good Design Reinforces Brand and Messaging

A really strong design that is complimented by good copy is the PB and J of the digital world. Compelling design is that extra *oomph* that you need to really staple the message together. Your marketing scheme needs to be cohesive to your brand and your underlining messaging;  otherwise consumers are lost. You never want someone looking at a landing page saying “I don’t get it.” That takes the wind right out of the sails. It’s worse than showing your friend your favorite movie and discovering that they just aren’t into it. Brand recognition connects you with consumers. Consumers vibe with brands that share similar values. Having a strong identity and messaging is going to build loyalty and trust. Design is an important tool that speeds this process up. Strive to win over the target audience’s emotions; don’t just aim for their bank accounts.


If you want design that fits seamlessly with your overall marketing, ESM Digital has you covered. And from a digital marketing perspective, we also measure design results and constantly tweak to improve performance. Contact us now to find out more.


~Justin Mosher