Generate More Facebook Leads with These A/B Testing Best Practices

Results from A/B testing

Facebook Lead Generation ads are a great way to reach your prospective students and get them interested in your school. With its advanced targeting options and multiple ad formats, Facebook has become one of the most successful advertising platforms in the digital age.

If you’re already running Facebook ads, you’re off to a great start. The next step is to ensure you’re making optimizations on a regular basis. Otherwise, you could be taking the back seat while your competition drives away with your prospects. How do you know which optimizations to make? The answer isn’t always obvious. You may need to run a few tests in order to determine what works for you and your prospects, and what doesn’t. The most efficient way to do this is via A/B testing.  Check out a few of our A/B testing best practices below:

A/B Testing Best Practices

Focus on one variable at a time. Which photo resonates best with your audience? Which Call-To-Action button compels people to fill out a form? What ad copy drives the most leads? While these are all important questions to be asking, it’s crucial that you only test one variable at a time. If you test too many variables at once, you won’t know which variable to attribute the results to.

Run your tests for at least 2 weeks. You want to make sure you’ve given your ads enough time to run before you analyze the results and draw any conclusions. It’ll be difficult to attribute any positive or negative impacts to the changes you made if you don’t allow your new ads to reach a large enough audience.

Keep track of the tests you run and pay close attention to the results. Do pictures with females resonate better with your audience? In one test that we ran here at Effective Student Marketing, leads decreased by 60% when a female photo was swapped out for a male photo. Take the knowledge you receive from your results and use it to better optimize your ads.

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~Devon LeGrow