Follow This 5 Step Path to SEO Heaven Right Now

SEO tips

Google gets it right –again.

You want to hate the search engine giant. It’s just pretty hard to do when every tweak of their algorithm seems to bring happy endings to people looking for common sense search results. Google may continually frustrate your SEO “experts” and it may be harder than ever to rank organically, but it’s not impossible.

Follow these 5 steps to capture a little slice of SEO heaven right now.

Think like a person instead of a computer. Despite the computer created algorithm that drives ranking iterations, Google will reward you when your users are satisfied. That means instead of stuffing keywords where they don’t make sense or building content with a hyper focus on SEO, you need to make satisfying the needs of your users your number one priority. Sure you might be able to drive traffic to your website with a sneaky little trick, but if your prospect immediately bounces off, Google will notice and rank you accordingly.

Build your brand, not just your rank. Remember the concept of Public Relations? It isn’t dead! Your marketing efforts need to be fully comprehensive and authentic in the real world and in the digital one. The more you raise your profile in a positive way, the more you’ll be considered a thought leader in the community, by your students and prospects and by Google.

Create great content. If you truly want to build your brand and your rank, you need to create great quality content. A single post that goes viral is Google gold, but you don’t have to shoot for the moon  with every post or tweet. Instead, be the solution your target demographic is looking for, weigh in on matters that count to your industry, and share everything across social media. Quality gets noticed!

Research and choose relevant keywords. Don’t opt for high-competition words that might yield results, but will cost a small fortune. Instead, choose long-tailed keyword phrases that are pinpointed and relevant to your demographic. And make certain to place them where they matter most in your content: page url; page title; heading; the first few words of a page or post, or early on in any paragraph.

Squeeze yourself some link juice: Google and other search engines depend on a variety of sites and sources to determine the quality of your pages and your content. Think of link juice as quantifiable good will that influencers in your field can pass along. When Google sees that influencers consider your content worthwhile, it will add that information to your quality score and reward you with a higher page rank.

It’s not just you. SEO is complicated. And it’s always changing. If you’d like to learn how to use search engine optimization to increase your school’s ranking, contact us at Effective Student Marketing today. We’ll show you how!

~Linda Emma