Facebook Newsfeed Redesign: Recap of Live Announcement

Today during the Facebook News Feed Redesign live conference, the popular social networking site announced that they will yet again be rolling out more changes. Facebook’s goal for the news feed redesign is to give everyone in the world the best personalized newspaper they possibly can. “We think there’s a really important place for a personalized news feed,” Mark Zuckerberg stated.

When Facebook first started news feed, it was mostly text. Now nearly 50 percent of the content is made up of photos and visuals. How we’re all sharing this content is changing. The Facebook news feed redesign is going to be designed to reflect the way we’re sharing this content by making stories richer, more visual, and engaging, giving users a choice of feeds, and by providing mobile consistency.

Facebook’s news feed redesign is going to make photos front and center.  In addition, articles are going to shine – you’ll notice longer summaries and larger visuals. The publisher’s logo is also going to be added to the corner. When you see someone become friends with someone else, the new Facebook news feed design will show a bigger profile photo and display your common friends. This will work well for pages, brands, and services.

Other visual and engaging changes to take note of:

  • Places are going to get the prominent attention they deserve – Facebook doesn’t want your friends missing out on these types of posts! Again, you will see bigger images here.
  • The Facebook news feed redesign is also taking third party apps into consideration. For example, images and visuals from Pinterest that appear in your news feed will be much bigger.
  • Upcoming events in the news feed will have a new look with bigger images.
  • There will be a new look to all common friends sharing an article or video. People’s faces will appear to the left of the post, instead of directly below.

A big issue with the current news feed is that you can’t see all posts from your friends. You only see posts from those friends you interact with the most on the site. The same goes for pages. The Facebook news feed redesign will solve this problem by giving users more choice and control over what they see by using the switcher at the top of the page (or if you’re on mobile, swipe across the page to see).

The switcher will give you much more control over what you see, since you’re the one choosing which feed to view. Here are your options:

  • All friends feed
  • Every single post in chronological order feed
  • Only music feed: What friends are listening to or what events are happening
  • Photos feed: Every single photo friends are posting
  • Following feed: Displays posts from all pages you “like” on Facebook, including news sources
  • Followers feed
  • Other feed: Recent interactions, along with the same close friends feeds and game feeds
  • Any interest you’ve created in the past feed

The news feeds will be listed in chronological order of how often you use them. All feeds will be available on both desktop and mobile.

Good news! Assets will now look the same across all devices and screens. No matter what device you’re using, feeds will look and feel the same. The Facebook news feed redesign will give users the ability to look at content in a bubble so they don’t need to scroll off the page to look at it.

We’re excited for the Facebook news feed redesign here at Effective Student Marketing! It’s going to offer a much more personalized experience and give users broad, diversified content with social and relevant updates from family, friends, and people around them. The Facebook news feed redesign is also going to make the overall experience richer.

Facebook said they’re going to be very careful and slow as to how they roll this out to users. Starting today some people could begin to see changes on the web. Mobile will follow in a few weeks.

How do you think the Facebook news feed redesign is going to impact user experience? How do you think it will it effect pages? Let us know by commenting below!