Facebook Changes You Might Have Missed

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Social Media has become even more ubiquitous than when Facebook went public and Wall St and beyond yammered about it being one of the largest IPOs in Internet history. Now, you can barely log into any media outlet – digital, print, television- without being bombarded with news of the site’s data breach, Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance before Congress and more. And while all of this is critical news to keep an eye on for all Digital Marketers, in large part due to the regulations everyone is expecting as a result, it’s important not to drop the ball on your current marketing strategies.

Over the last several months Facebook has launched minor changes that schools and brands can – and should – implement into their organic Facebook strategy.


Here Are a Few Features You May Have Missed:



This feature is a bit of a blast from the past, as a slightly different version of this tool was offered years ago.  However, in this reiteration of Polls you can add an animated GIF or static image to you poll. You can also set the length of the poll. For example, the poll could collect votes for one day, one week or a custom time span. This can be a great way to gain engagement and mine some important data about your audience, school or brand.



While sharing lists seems to be more of a spin-off of the “Get to Know Me” type posts people share on their personal pages with lists of facts about themselves, this feature can be a fun engagement tool for pages as well.


Sound Collection

Facebook has been pushing video for some time by giving it preferential status in the newsfeed, then creating Live videos and most recently with the launch of Watch. While most of these videos are played without sound, it’s always a good idea to include it in your video as it can heighten emotions and add a little spice. Thanks to Sound Collage, Facebook is making it easy to add great sounds to your videos. This database of high quality audio tracks and sound effects is free to use – but only for videos shared via Facebook and Instagram.


Job Postings

The newest feature to roll out is Job Postings. Business pages can create job postings including job title, job type, salary and more. The posting will then appear on the business’s page, in the Jobs dashboard, in Marketplace and in the newsfeed. Applicants can easily apply directly through Facebook using the Apply Now button. Applications can be managed through the Facebook Messenger or businesses can opt to enter an email address for communication.



OK, so Stories really aren’t that new. The Snapchat, or Instagram, style of content sharing first rolled out to all Facebook users in March of 2017, but the social media giant confirmed its commitment to this visual storytelling tool in 2018 by making it available to desktop users. Those browsing Facebook on a laptop or computer can now find Stories prominently located on the top of their newsfeed. The ability to post Stories via desktop is also being tested.  Soon, the feature that was birthed by the vertical mobile camera will be 100% available across all of Facebook – mobile and desktop.


In spite of its recent troubles, Facebook is the top social network around with approximately 2 billion active monthly users and a market value of roughly $400 billion dollars. One way Facebook continues to maintain its dominate presence on the web is through constant innovation, so be on the lookout for more changes to come.  To have a successful Facebook presence, you need to be present for all the exciting changes. If you’d like to learn how to do that, contact the Social Media experts at ESM Digital today.


~Marcy Ansley