Do You Want to Know How to Craft the Perfect Headline?

Eye-Catching Headlines Online

No matter how awesome, interesting and relevant your blog post is, if you don’t grab your readers’ attention with a catchy headline, they are not going to read it. Use these 7 time-tested tricks to craft the perfect headline that attracts, engages and gets prospects to read on:

Put Yourself in the Reader’s Shoes

Get into the head of your prospective student. Who is your target? What are they interested in? And what would get them to click on your title and read your story? The more empathetic you can be, the more what you write will resonate with your reader.

Make it Match

Back up that awesome headline with content that makes sense. If you lure your prospect in with grandiose claims that just aren’t true, they won’t read through. More importantly, they’ll know not to trust you the next time. Be authentic and honest and you’ll attract the right people to your post and your school.

Use High Impact, Emotional Vocabulary

Posts with emotional headlines are more likely to be read and shared. Choose vocabulary intended to elicit a specific response. Do you want your reader to be touched, surprised, shocked?  Moved to act? Of course you do! Get them to do so with your headline.

Be Funny

A well-placed joke or pun will not only get your reader’s attention; it also has the potential to go viral. Who doesn’t like to laugh?

Go Negative

Appeal to someone’s worries and concerns and you’ll draw them in. Are You in a Dead-End Job? You’re In the Wrong Career -Get Out Now! both put a negative spin on common career concerns. What’s great about those problem-focused headlines is that you can offer solutions!

Ask a Question

Your most important role as a content creator is to provide answers. Ask the same questions your prospects do and then provide some answers.

Use Lists and Numbers

Your prospects want to know right up front what your post will teach them. Lists and numbers give them a concrete idea of what they can expect and just how much time they might need to invest. 3 Tips that Will Land you the Job of your Dreams lets your prospects know what’s coming.

Crafting the perfect headline is only one small piece of effective content marketing. Want to learn more about content for higher education? Contact the content experts at ESM Digital today. We have 101 surefire methods to increase your enrollments right now!

~Linda Emma