Content Marketing Lessons from Content Rising

Content is everywhere and content marketing cannot be put to a back burner. Those were the two messages driven home time and again at Skyword’s Content Rising summit held this month at the Westin Boston Waterfront.

Author and chief content officer at Marketing Profs Ann Handley, who spoke at the event, retooled a quote from The Lion King to emphasize just how pervasive “content” is: everything the light touches is content. Her point with regard to marketing is that opportunities abound for you to get your message before the prospects you most need to. The better you do that, the more likely you’ll be able to turn those prospects into students.

Here are 4 ways you can use content marketing to increase your student enrollments and stay connected to your students.

1)  Author a blog. Create regular, quality content for a blog that you host on your website or on a page of its own. Don’t use it as a tool to pitch your school at every turn. Instead, put yourself in the mind of your prospective student. They have a problem—they’re not sure what they should do for a career—you can be their solution, first with information and answers to their questions. Then, maybe even as the place they’ll choose to attain their career training.

2)  Build an infographic. Infographics are fun, informative and easy to digest. If you do a good job in their creation, they also have the potential to help increase conversions far into the future. At Effective Student Marketing one of the infographics we created for a client two years ago continues to drive traffic and produce conversions.

3)  Run a contest. You’re not the only one who can produce good content. By running a contest on social media, you help build your brand, create a sense of community and find user-generated content that can become a part of your marketing campaigns.

4)  Send emails they’ll open. Another point Ann emphasized at the Content Rising event was that every word matters –including those in the subject lines of short prose emails. What can you do to get prospects and students to open your emails?

At Effective Student Marketing, we know that content isn’t just king; it can convert to the enrollments that are the lifeblood of any institution. If you’d like to learn how to integrate content marketing into your overall marketing strategy, contact us today.