Check Out Our Takeaways from the MarketingProfs 2016 B2B Marketing Forum

MarketingProfs B2B Forum

I love when I attend a conference that gives me both a confirmation and a challenge. The MaketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum did both. First, I got some solid affirmation that what we do for our clients at Effective Student Marketing remains ahead of the curve. We provide great service and integrate technology in a way that is effective, responsive and results-oriented. Can we improve? Of course! That’s why we attend these kinds of conferences. It’s also why we share what we learn. Check out three takeaways from the three members of the team who attended:


Take a chance

This is the challenge that will set you apart from other schools. As MarketingProfs Chief Content Officer Ann Handley encouraged, trust your “marketer’s intuition,” embrace the near-win, and take the time to slow down, step back, and consider the big picture of what you’re doing to attract new students. In her talk about SEO, President & CEO of Marketing Mojo Janet Driscoll Miller advised everyone to push boundaries and create “crazy ass content.” The CMO of Fuze Brian Kardon explained why restlessness is among the top attributes you’d want to find in your team members. And the Group Manager for Content Marketing at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Jason Miller said that at least once a quarter you should take an intelligent risk. I’m in! What about you?

~Linda Emma


Stop Building Moments, Start Building Momentum

Do you celebrate any time one of your social media posts goes viral? Do you screenshot the spike in your Google Analytics data when you publish a new blog? Then you’re guilty of getting caught up in the moment. Stop building these micro moments of short-lived wins and start building marketing momentum that lasts. MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum’s keynote speaker, Andrew Davis, articulated this concept when he encouraged a room full of marketers like myself to break this cycle of addiction. Instead of constantly craving the next spike, focus on the depth of your valleys. In other words, what can you learn from the smaller moments? And, how can you take them one step further? For example, instead of mass distributing content on any and every social media platform, find the one that works for your audience or that specific piece of content. Then, post it when it makes the most sense. Instead of blindly spraying what you produce across media, strategically distribute it for optimum effectiveness.

~Lindsay Moura


Mix Video into Your Marketing

You probably watch videos online and perhaps even engage with favorite brands. I know I sure do, which is why video needs to be part of your marketing mix and why video was a reoccurring theme at the MarketingProfs B2B Conference. The conference touted several sessions on video marketing from fostering engagement to driving leads. Video can provide brands a high level of authenticity, an opportunity to develop a personality and reach a vast audience of Internet video viewers. The sheer volume of internet traffic (nearly three quarters of all internet traffic by 2017) should be enough to get your marketing wheels turning. However, if you need more, then the case studies presented during these sessions will tip the scales, because these companies saw great results including lower lead costs and higher conversion rates. One presenter noted his company, Elemica, saw a 57% decrease in cost per lead and the leads were twice as likely to convert.  And the beautiful thing about video marketing – you don’t need to have a huge production department to get started. A marketing agency can get the ball rolling on a successful campaign with a well thought out plan, a cell phone camera and some editing software.

~Marcy Ansley