Higher Ed Marketing
lead scoring for higher education
Wouldn’t it be great if there were some way to determine whether that prospective student you’ve been courting would actually enroll? A way to weed out the disinterested parties from the blossoms that might truly bloom at your school? There is! When you use lead scoring for higher education, you give the admissions team prospects...
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marketing for online programs
How do you market your online programs when there’s so much competition and there are still people unsure of the method? For starters, the days when online courses and programs were suspect of being “less than” are long gone. Today, institutions of all types offer a wide variety of online certificate and degree programs and...
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prospective students enrollment journey
The more you know about a prospect, the better you can tailor their online experience.
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Advertise on Instagram
Are you thinking of advertising on Instagram? It's time to get started!
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Teacher helping with Student Retention
It’s important to create strategies for student retention to help keep your students in school from the time they enroll up until they graduate.
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