Build The Best Landing Page Now: Here’s How

Clicking on a Landing Page

It was a single ad on Facebook. Or one among many ads in the Google Display Network. But you did something right because you got a prospective student to click and follow you to your landing page. Don’t blow it now! Follow these 5 steps to build the best landing page you can, one that converts and turns that click from a prospect to an enrollment to a proud graduate of your school.

[Tweet “The more consistent your Landing Page messaging, the more consistently you’ll convert”]Make sure they get what they came for: If your ad was all about how your school makes attaining a Master of Education degree easier than ever through your online programs, don’t change up the message on the landing page. The more consistent you are, the more consistently you’ll convert.

Write great copy: Awesome creative out in the ad world is the way you draw your prospect to the rest of your message. Once they arrive on your landing page, make sure your copy is spot-on, written in a language and style your prospects can relate to, with a clear call to action. Your landing page COPY is MORE IMPORTANT than its design, style or form.

Make it look right: That’s not to say design isn’t crazy important. Choose images that your prospects can relate to. If your program is predominately populated by women, then make sure your image is of a smiling woman wearing the garb of her soon-to-be profession. Don’t clutter the page and be sure to match the look and feel of your landing page to your school’s overall branding.

Use forms that convert: Your form should only ask for the information you believe to be most important and it needs a killer call to action. Where you place your form also matters! So do the visual cues you use to attract your user’s attention to it. And it must, must, must be optimized for mobile.

Test it out. You won’t know if your landing page is working unless you test it out. Use A/B testing frequently and tweak from your results. If you have a great landing page, what can you do to make it even better?

If you’d like to learn how to create landing pages that convert, contact the Higher Ed Geeks at Effective Student Marketing. We’ve got this!

~ Linda Emma