Joseph Colarusso
google search desktop
Have you noticed a change in the search engine results page? We have. That’s because last spring  Google announced they were changing the format and information available in the search results for mobile. In an effort to improve the search results page to help you discover the type of information you need and quickly determine...
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2020 digital marketing trends
If you’re still trying to implement digital marketing strategies from 2019, you may want to hit pause. It’s not that most of them aren’t still relevant; it’s that priorities have shifted. And if you do any kind of marketing for higher education, you need to keep up. Here’s a quick look at the top 9...
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paid media campaigns
Marketing for your school is a lot like recruiting for a job. You’re not just trying to get potential candidates through the door. You want an actual employee—one who is a fit to your mission and your team. Likewise, in higher education marketing, you don’t just want to drive “leads” and “application submits.” You are...
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online search landscape
The Google search landscape looks a lot differently than it did only a few years ago. Gone are the days of the ten blue organic links. Now, Google search pages include several new types of results. One of the most prevalent results is the featured snippet. What Is a Featured Snippet? A featured snippet is...
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local search engine optimization
Although it’s summertime and hockey season is over, it’s impossible to stop some people from spending time at the rink. Put yourself in the shoes, or skates, of a hockey player who wants to find a local rink with stick practice. You pick up your phone, open the web browser, and type in this: “hockey...
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