Are you Missing Out on the Biggest Digital Ad Network in the World?

Benefits of Google Display Network

Your prospects probably spend more time online than sleeping, and 95 percent of that time is spent consuming content. As a school looking to increase enrollments, your goal is simple: deliver your message to your prospects, wherever they are roaming online. The Google Display Network (GDN) can help you do just that. The GDN advertising platform can help your school rank higher in search engine results when your prospects search for keywords related to your school and its programs.

Display is becoming a digital ad behemoth and top advertising network. Here are 4 reasons why:

Finds your target audience. GDN managed placements let you. Place your ads in front of who you want, when you want. Your prospects are more than prospects; they have interests, too! Pick topics that are relevant to your future students, and from there choose websites that are related to those topics (i.e., car buying, dating sites).

Expand your reach. This network allows you to craft high-impact ads and videos to deliver to your targeted consumer across multiple digital platforms, including social media. You also have the ability to target geographically and select keywords that are relevant to your school, driving greater brand awareness.

Measure your success. The Reach and Frequency reporting tool measures the reach of your ads as well as how often they are viewed, and by whom.

Increase brand loyalty. The Google Display Network can re-engage your prospects by targeting ads to those who have already viewed your website. Even if they didn’t fill out a form the first time around, seeing your ads again may bring them back and keep your school at the forefront of their mind when they are ready to take that next step and apply.

Choose to advertise on the Google Display Network and your school’s message is delivered to the right people in all the right places. As a Google partner, we ensure that our clients stay top of mind for their prospects online. Interested? Contact Effective Student Marketing today.

~Alyssa Taliaferro