8 of the Best Tips for a Killer LinkedIn InMail Campaign

LinkedIn InMail campaigns

It is among the 10 most popular websites and its focus on career networking makes it a winning digital marketing tool if you want to meet its members where they live and breathe. Just the idea of “membership” lends exclusivity and credibility to LinkedIn that is unparalleled on the internet. Particularly, if you offer graduate and doctoral degree programs, this is the network you need to leverage to find future students.

But how?

One way to get a lot for a little is to use an InMail campaign. You can target your connections to let them know what your institution has to offer (your alumni may have forgotten just how great you are) or you can—and should—reach beyond.

Define KPIs

LinkedIn is an awesome tool to touch base with your future students, but each campaign needs clearly defined goals. What exactly are you trying to accomplish on the platform? If it’s merely to raise the profile of your institution you’ll take an entirely different approach than if you’re trying to fill the next cohort of your Master’s of Fine Arts Degree .

Choose the Right Sender

Your InMail needs to come from an actual sender. Who is the best candidate to reach out to your audience and actually get them to open that InMail? Don’t knee-jerk it and just choose your school’s president. While his or her name may have the recognizability factor, it may not be the person from whom your target wants to hear. Who is?

Pick the Right Target

Your sender may have 6,400 contacts. But you’re NOT going to carpetbomb his network with messaging that only applies to a fraction of his list. Back to those KPIs. What is the purpose of your campaign and who fits the profile? If it’s a Fine Arts program, don’t target IT professionals. Do take advantage of the many, many options available on LinkedIn. You can target by gender, geographic area, industry, job title, and more.

Create Great Content

Don’t use an InMail to fire off a quick note that your target won’t find of interest. You’ll waste your time and theirs and could forever damage your inbox reputation. Produce something your audience will actually care about. Maybe it’s research you’ve recently conducted or a whitepaper your school produced. Consider your recipient. Do they want what you’re offering them?

Don’t Be Too Formal

Even if your target is someone you’ve never met, you want to be friendly and casual. Not too casual, but speak to them as you would to a professional with whom you already have a relationship. And be brief. You only have 2,000 characters to get your message across.

Include a Clear CTA

Your call-to-action can ask the reader to download that research or whitepaper. Or it can direct them to a new program’s landing page. Don’t forget to ask what you want them to do.

Create a Banner Ad

If you’re sending an InMail directly to a LilnkedIn user’s inbox, why do you also need an ad? Because if you don’t do it, your competitor will. When you opt out of that optional upload, ads from other institutions could appear where your ad belongs.

Measure Results

LinkedIn has metrics to determine whether or not your content resonated. Impressions, open and click-through rates, daily spend. Pay attention. Just because you launched a campaign doesn’t mean your work is done. Even successful InMails can be better. Find out how! Contact ESM Digital and we’ll help you set up winning campaigns that will appeal to your future students.

~Linda Emma