5 Super Easy Ways You Can Repurpose College Content

Your institution has set aside marketing resources to create a solid content base for your website and your social media channels. You have a few videos, some blog posts, maybe even a podcast or two. Not to mention dozens of press releases extolling the virtues of your school. Now it’s time to take that investment even further. Repurpose your content to reach a new audience, remind current stakeholders of all the good that you do, and improve the return on your investment.

Below are 5 easy ways to repurpose the content you already own, but before you start make sure it’s worthy. First ask yourself these 3 important content questions:

  • Is it evergreen? It’s okay to reuse content, but not if it’s outdated. On the other hand, a simple tweak can revitalize wilting content. Introduce new items, update data, add a few fresh faces to images. Use evergreen, make it evergreen, or opt out.
  • Do the analytics justify a refresh? One of the best ways to ensure that you choose the right content to repurpose is to look at how your old content performed. If it didn’t perform well the first time, what makes you think it will on a redo?
  • What are people looking at today? Yesterday’s results only matter if the trend that began then continues. If your awesome video features a cool 80s style that has resurfaced, go with it. But if your content extols some cutting edge research of retracted science, steer clear. Don’t taint the good reputation of your institution by using quasi-science or out-of-date data.

Does your content pass the test? Then you’re ready to take some next steps.

  • 1. Turn blog posts into guides and eBooks. You’ve likely noticed a theme around the blog posts you host on your website. Some are about news events happening on campus or recent accomplishments of your students, faculty, and alumni. Others focus on majors. Some speak to future students about what to expect once they come to campus or enroll online. Curate content into themed guides and eBooks and answer pressing questions all in one easy-to-access online space.


  • 2. Create YouTube video ads from existing assets. Whether old television ads, close-up footage of students talking about dorm life, or clips of professor lectures, video gives a glimpse of campus life. Add good audio overlay and a bit of music and you could create a 30 second ad that gets shared on social media far into the future. What new message do you want to attach to it?


  • 3. Make that webinar a how-to. If you’ve ever hosted a lecture or webinar where on-campus experts impart their knowledge to others, edit the video to its important components and share. Or turn it into a podcast for audio only listeners. Quality content is well received by viewers and listeners and brands your faculty as the thought leaders they are.


  • 4. Find an online use for an in-house PowerPoint. You have rock start professors who create powerful visual presentations. But they’re only given to his or her lucky students. Aren’t there just a few you’re willing to share? Follow institutional guidelines, but find a way to spread your college’s knowledge to a broader audience. It could help your school, your faculty, and your current and future students.


  • 5. Transform copy to image. Whether it’s a single blog post, an eBook with page-upon-page of useful tips, or informative graphs pulled from PowerPoint presentations, you can turn them all into infographics. Infographics perform amazingly well on social media, partly because they condense complex info into easy-to-understand snippets. But also because we’re visual beings!

If you want your good content to last even longer, repurpose it! Don’t know how to start? Contact the Content Marketing experts at ESM Digital. We specialize in higher education. We speak your language and know how best to help you tell your unique story.

~Linda Emma