5 Reasons You Need to Advertise On Instagram

Advertise on Instagram

It’s great that you’re on LinkedIn and Facebook, that you have a Twitter account and a school Pinterest Board. But if you’re looking to keep up with Millennials and Gen-Zers and their ever-changing media interests, you need to expand your horizons. They’re super-active on Instagram. Are you?

Let’s face it. It’s hard to keep up with your prospects’ many and varied interests. It’s okay that you’re not one step ahead of them as long as you are one step ahead of your competition. Here’s why you’ll want to follow your prospects onto Instagram:

Your Prospects Are on Instagram

While Facebook remains a popular and useful marketing platform, more and more young people are moving away from the parent company and toward its offspring. In the U.S., while more than 55 percent of those 65 and older are on Facebook, the percentage of younger users who once called the platform their own is declining. On the other hand, those young users are flocking to Instagram. Some 90 percent of Instagram users are under 35 and in the U.S. more than half of those aged 13-29 are on it.

It’s Image-Driven…

so the ads you serve won’t look pushy or ill-suited to the platform. You can even use a carousel-format that allows you to promote several aspects of your school in one image so you don’t overload your prospects’ feeds. Tell your brand story through carousel images that highlight the best you have to offer.

You Can Go Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then moving pictures are even more valuable. In fact, almost three-quarters of advertising professionals believe that online video advertising is as effective—or even more effective—than television. Plus, your prospects are no longer watching traditional television. But they are watching that television in their pocket through Instagram and other visual platforms.

It’s Even Easier than Facebook

Instagram doesn’t limit organic reach the way that Facebook does and it’s super easy to use. It has a minimalistic design so your content is front, center and full-screen. And you can target your prospects much the same you do with Facebook, reaching them based on who they are, where they live and what their interests are.

It Has Clickable Links

That means you can use a strong call-to-action to direct prospects to  your landing page. Instagram can help you increase engagement, lift your brand, convert more prospects and enroll more students.

If you have questions about Instagram, contact us at ESM Digital and we’ll give you answers. Staying ahead of your competition means staying on the platforms they love –like Instagram!

~Linda Emma