5 Reasons Why Infographics Work


Those prospective students you really want to reach happen to be really busy. That’s why you need to provide them with information they care about quickly and in a way that doesn’t bog them down or insult their intelligence. Enter the infographic. If infographics aren’t already a part of your digital marketing strategy, what are you waiting for? They work! And here’s why:

They’re visual, just like your students and your prospects. Most people consider themselves visual learners. That means that they’re more likely to remember something that they see than something they hear. Infographics are highly visual. They can also cross social media with ease, from Facebook to Instagram to Pinterest and right onto your website. How’s that for multi-purpose content?

They’re brief.  Remember how your prospects don’t have a lot of time? Well then don’t waste it! Good infographics parse information to a kernel of truth that your prospects care about –and do it quickly.

They translate. Your prospect may have no idea that he’d make a really great phlebotomist simply because he has no idea what a phlebotomist is. The best infographics help explain complex topics in ways that most everyone can understand. They don’t talk down to their audience. Instead, they translate a profession’s jargon into regular English.

They engage and educate. A well-researched, written and designed infographic can break through the clutter of hard sell messaging and capture the attention of your audience to provide useful information. Images, color, content, and even font type all come together in a way that says –look at me and learn! Once you’ve captured, don’t miss the opportunity to captivate.

They entice. Let’s say you stumble upon a prospect (don’t be crazy –there’s no stumbling allowed in digital marketing; you’ve targeted her) who has toyed with the idea of becoming a pilot for the better part of her adult life. Your infographic titled Why it’s not too late to take to the skies might be the final push that makes her take flight!

Infographics are must-haves if you intend to attract, persuade and enroll new students. Contact us at Effective Student Marketing for more information, or check back next week to learn how to create shareable infographics.

~Linda Emma


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