5 Benefits of Webinars for Your School

You’re media savvy. You know about webinars. In fact, you’ve even participated in a few. But have you produced any for your school? Before you discount the idea as being another project you just don’t have time for, you need to consider the benefits of webinars. You have something to say; maybe it’s time to say it in a webinar.

They’re educational. You’re in the business of education. So don’t just confine your teaching to the classroom. Educate the public about issues that matter in the industries you serve. Let future students know where they could work. Tell area employers about the training you provide to their future employees. Tell everyone about the industries you and your graduates help to keep on running.

They’re interactive. In a webinar, you get to speak directly to people who’ve already expressed an interest in what you have to say. If that isn’t awesome enough, you also get to hear back from those very interested people. How great is that? Let’s say your topic is about the U.S. skills gap and you’ve piqued the interest of area employers who tell you that they cannot find qualified employees to meet the needs of their customers. Do your programs happen to produce the kinds of graduates that could fulfill the needs of those employers? Sounds like a match made in heaven!

They’re brand-lifting. Every marketing piece you produce on the behalf of your school has the potential to lift your brand. But webinars set you apart as a thought-leader and expert on whatever topics you cover. And if you wisely align yourself with other respected experts, your school brand gets to bask in the warmth of their influencer glow.

They’re audience-expanding. From the moment of the webinar registration, you’re building an audience (not to mention a great email list) of people who are interested in what you’re saying. Are they future students who want to learn about careers in healthcare? Or area employers to whom you can direct your future grads? As you build and segment your audience for one webinar, you’ll know just whom to invite to the next.

They’re relationship-building. If you know nothing else about social media, you understand that it’s the social piece that drives the media success. As you build your brand and its audience, you also have a great opportunity to build relationships –with students, graduates, future students, and the whole global universe. Are you ready for some great long-term digital relationships?

Now that you believe in the benefits of webinars, contact us at Effective Student Marketing and we’ll discuss how you can build one to send out your good messages. Or, check back next week to learn how to create successful webinars on your own.