4 Ways to Personalize Your Prospective Student’s Experience

prospective students enrollment journey

The more you know about your prospective students, the better you can tailor their online experience. To capture the most information from them, you want them to fill out a form. While the majority of your future students won’t be ready to contact your admissions department early in the enrollment cycle, if you get creative, you can get them to convert.

Here are 4 ways to create a personalized journey for your prospect:

Make Your Headlines Appeal to Prospective Students

Your headline is what gets your prospect to take that very first action: a click. Stay away from generic copy – instead, create a headline that prompts your prospects to act on a specific offer. For a prospect early in the decision-making process, a headline discussing exciting school perks or financial aid options may be answering just the questions they’re asking.

Choose the Right Images

As human beings, we process visuals much faster than we do text. If a prospect visits a nursing program landing page, include photos of real students in a clinical setting. It will help the prospect better envision themselves in that same position and grab their attention almost immediately.

And Video

Use video to entertain your prospects, and tailor the conversation to sell your school and its programs. Create a video that resonates emotionally with your future students. Is it a snapshot into what life on campus is like, or is it a specific program? You choose. If you can entertain and engage them, you stand a much higher chance of converting them.

Take a Look at the Analytics

The more data you have around who your prospects are and their online behavior, the better you will be able to understand who they actually are so you can serve them more relevant content.

In a sea of internet options, let your school be a beacon and the answer to your prospects’ questions. Personalization is the most effective way to do just that. It pulls your future students deeper into your website, and ensures a customized user experience just for them. Contact ESM Digital today to give your school the leg up it needs in attracting prospective students and generating enrollments.