4 Ways Career Services can use Infographics for Job Placement Assistance

Infographics can be a very useful resource for your school’s career services staff to use to offer job placement assistance to graduates. There are a lot of great infographics out there on the Internet that cater specifically to people that are job-hunting. In addition to the resume assistance, mock interviews, and other job placement assistance your career services staff provides to graduates, your school needs to provide online resources to work parallel with what is being offered at the campus level.


Check out the ideas below on how your career services staff can use infographics to offer job placement assistance to graduates:

1. Career Services Blog:

The career services department should have a section on the school’s website, which works as the home for the job placement assistance resources. Having all of these infographics (and other content in addition to infographics) live in one place makes it easier for your graduates to find and for career services to promote it across the appropriate social media platforms.

2. Pinterest:

Create a board on your Career Services Pinterest page dedicated to infographics, specifically related to job placement assistance for your graduates. Your graduates will be able to quickly pull up these visuals on their smartphone or tablet right before an interview for some last minute preparation, directly from the Pinterest app. Pin the infographics directly from your school’s website in order to drive traffic back to it. Find out how colleges and universities are using Pinterest here.


3. Facebook:

Share the infographics directly from your blog onto your career services specific page on Facebook. You can also share the infographics on your campus pages on Facebook to help create more awareness and reach more graduates. Encourage graduates to leave comments about anything they would add to the infographic to engage them.


4. Twitter:

Tweet links to your infographics! You can tweet links to the landing page on your school’s website and to the board on Pinterest. Be sure to use appropriate hashtags in the tweets, for example #jobs and/or #careers.

5. LinkedIn:

Share these great infographics on your career services LinkedIn group and/or subgroup. Your graduates should be on LinkedIn, but your career services department needs to give them a reason to be! If you’re providing them with useful information and job placement assistance on this professional platform, you’ll begin to notice graduates joining the group and/or subgroup.

Infographics act as a visual resource for anyone on the job hunt. They’re a great tool for job placement assistance and are easy for graduates to refer to before they go on their interview.

How does your career services department use infographics for job placement assistance? Let us know by commenting below!

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