4 Tips for Live-Tweeting an Event

four tips for live tweeting an event

Your school hosts numerous events throughout the year for students and faculty, the biggest one of all being graduation. So why not live-tweet it? Tell your school’s story in a way that will appeal to your prospects who are ‘plugged in’ every hour of the day. The millennial generation finds that tweeting about a social event makes the event more enjoyable for them, while 70 percent of millennials enjoy reading tweets while tracking a live event. It’s important for your school to have a presence on this channel and be able to build engagement while also tapping into relevant conversations happening in your industry.

According to Account Manager Justin Martell, you can’t get anywhere without a solid strategy in place surrounding the event.

“It’s crucial to map out a timeline for pre, during, and post tweeting of the event. I recommend that Tweets are built out and scheduled leading up to the event, creating buzz and awareness of what’s coming. Make your audience want to tune into your live Tweets.”

Here are 4 tips to successfully live-tweet an event:

Create a hashtag.

Close to 67 percent of users say they would follow a hashtag unique to an event. If there’s an event hashtag known going into the event, make it a part of the planning process. “You’ll also want to research that hashtag to ensure it has not been used for something unrelated or inappropriate in the past,” Justin says. “Your hashtag is the key search tool for those talking about your event.”  

Stay consistent, keep it short.

The whole point of live-tweeting is to constantly send out bits of information to your followers. Keep your audience updated but keep it short – Tweets shorter than 100 characters receive a 17 percent higher engagement rate.

Use quotes.

Tweet out excerpts of quotes said at the event to paint a richer picture for your Twitter followers. Make them feel like they are there! Carefully select soundbites to tweet out that will hit at the core of what the event is all about.


Jump into the conversation surrounding your live event. Run a quick hashtag search to see what people are saying about the event. If someone tweets an interesting update or opinion, chime in and carry out the conversation. Retweet others participating in the event.

“Engagement on Twitter – and on social media in general – is reciprocal; sometimes retweeting another user will result in higher engagement of your own content,” Justin says.

Live-tweeting is a great way to increase your audience size and build credibility within your space, while enhancing brand awareness and appeal. At Effective Student Marketing, we create custom content and deliver it in a way that tells the unique story of our clients. If you’d like to learn more, give us a call at 800-313-3510 or request a free consultation now.