4 Tests to Try on Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing

Just because a strategy works for another school doesn’t mean it’s going to work for your school’s email campaign. To really understand what will appeal to your prospects, you need to test.

So what can you test? Well, you can test just about anything in an email campaign from the subject line to calls to action.

Here are 4 of the top variables to test:

Subject Line: An email subject line is probably one of the most common variables to test. This is the first component that your prospect will see when the email is delivered and can have a big impact on an email’s performance.  Some things to consider testing are the subject line length and action-oriented words that create a sense of urgency.  Also, if your classes start soon, try using a start date to entice them to act more quickly.

[Tweet “Try different email deployment days to see what works best for YOUR prospects”]Deployment Date: If you’ve always deployed all your emails on the same day of the week consider why you chose that day. Did you pick it because some survey noted it as the best day or perhaps you thought it would be better to reach a prospect at the beginning of a week? Try different days and see what works best for your prospects. Just because a retail giant sees success deploying email campaigns bright and early on a Monday morning, doesn’t mean that’s what’s best for your school.

Calls to Action (CTA): Once your prospects open your email you now need them to take action – click through to your landing page. Testing your CTA can be as straight forward as trying different verbiage, color or its location on the page. Another consideration can be whether to use a text link or a button. Whichever CTA you opt for make sure it’s compelling and persuasive.

Personalization: Who doesn’t like to feel like an email was written specifically with them in mind? Test a personalized greeting as straightforward as “Hi Jane!” or dig a little deeper into your data and include details about a specific campus or program. The more relevant the email is to your prospect the more likely they will be to take the action you’re looking for in your email campaign.   

The variables you can test in an email are practically limitless. Your prospect list is constantly changing; so should your email initiatives. However, make sure to have a purpose in place for each test and don’t forget to analyze your results so you can adjust your email strategy accordingly.

If you’re ready to get real results from your next email marketing campaign, let the HigherEd Geeks show you how. Contact Effective Student Marketing today!

~Marcy Ansley