4 Strategies for Student Retention

Teacher helping with Student Retention

Students don’t enroll at your college with the intention of dropping out, but it happens. It’s important to create strategies for student retention to help keep your students in school from the time they enroll up until they graduate. Digital marketing can help.

Involve Your Campus Level Staff

Encourage instructors, staff, and faculty to be actively involved on your college’s social media sites. If a student asks a question on an individual campus page on Facebook, have their instructor or academic advisor respond. Having someone they know and recognize respond to their inquiries on your social media sites provides them with a comfortable environment and forms a stronger connection between the student and your college. Get more tips on how to get started with implementing social media at the campus level here.

Hold Contests for Students

These can be essay, photo, or video contests and should be held on your college’s social media sites, but also promoted at the campus level. It’s important to make sure the contests you run are working parallel with your college’s overall social media marketing goals, so make sure to have a well thought out strategy. After the contest is over your college will have reusable content for all social media channels and even email! If you’re running your contest on Facebook be sure to follow Facebook’s Promotions Guidelines so you don’t risk getting your page deleted.

Highlight a Different Student Every Week

Post a photo of a student along with a short blurb highlighting them on your college’s social media sites. You can even link to a success story on your website or a video interview on YouTube. Instructions on how to potentially be the next student of the week should be posted somewhere, giving every student a chance to be highlighted.

Engage Your Students to Improve Student Retention

Ask them questions about how their classes are going, how their instructors are helping them, or about their overall experience. Don’t be afraid of receiving negative comments. Negative comments should be looked at as feedback so that your college can improve. Receiving negative comments is also an opportunity to find unhappy students and give them the personal attention they need.

Students enroll at your college because they have goals they’re trying to achieve. Building relationships with your students from the very beginning is an important factor in their success.

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