4 Open-Ended Questions to Help You Create Better Content

Write Better Blogs

Content marketing drives traffic to your website, which can generate leads for your school. How can your school grab a slice out of the content marketing pie? Produce and push out quality blog content on a consistent basis. At Hubspot’s Inbound 2015, we learned that the biggest challenge we face as marketers is how to keep our readers engaged.

In order to create better content to generate greater leads for your school, here are 4 questions to ask yourself:

What do my readers care about? Readers who navigate their way to your website or social media channels are potential students, so you’ll need to treat your blog like a content library, full of all the information they might be looking for.

What are my competitors doing? Conduct an audit of your competitors, and use it to guide your blog efforts. Create unique, evergreen content that will stand the test of time, and outsmart your competition. Devise a solid content strategy that will help your business thrive online and put you at an advantage over your competition – only 35 percent of B2B content marketing have a written content strategy.

Does my audience trust my brand? Compelling blog content can help your school establish authority, and credibility. The best blogs answer common questions that  prospects have. If your prospects find the information they’re looking for, they’ll be more likely to consider you when choosing a school (we know that they usually don’t fill out a form right away, but the blogs they turn to for information will nurture them through that funnel).  You’ll also have the opportunity to teach them something about your school and its programs. While “authority” as it stands may not be something you can really measure, the lasting impact of brand awareness certainly is.

Is my content SEO worthy? Every time you post a blog, it’s added real estate on your school’s website, and one more opportunity to rank higher in search results. The higher up you are, the easier it is for your prospects to find you. Think quality over quantity – don’t dilute your quality content with low-quality material.

So, what’s your marketing plan? Make sure it includes high quality content that your prospective students are searching for. If you want to transform your blog content, you must adopt a mindset that places the audience first. If you want to increase your school’s social media engagement and get more leads, contact us today.

 ~ Alyssa Taliaferro