4 Corners of Conversion: Copy, Design, Interaction and Psychology

At Hubspot’s Inbound 2015, Unbounce’s co-founder, Oli Gardner, explained that combining copy, design, interaction and psychology in a data-driven optimization framework will change the way you deliver high-converting campaign experiences for your audience:

  1. Copy. There are four elements to consider when writing copy for your landing pages – context, clarity, conversation, and brand voice. Gardner explained that brand voice must be based on the core values of your company combined with the voice of the customer. Most people focus on the headline and a call-to-action, but attention must be paid to smaller things such as field labels on forms to see a profound impact on the performance of your pages.


  1. Clean Design. You’ve written your campaign, now you have to create the visual experience. A clean design allows you to focus your students’ attention on what you want them to see and do. Less distraction = a higher conversion rate.


  1. Interactive Components. Your landing page might have some interactive features such as a call-to-action and a series of form fields. But, the more interactive components you have, the more distraction for the user, and the more room there is for error. Every interaction made must be delightful for the user, not frustrating, and presented in a way that requires low commitment on the user’s behalf. Stay clear of components like captchas, which can interfere with that clean design. These types of components impede on an otherwise seamless experience for the user.


  1. Psychology. There must be an information hierarchy, as Gardner calls it, on any page your students or prospects land on. You don’t want your students to have to search high and low to find the information they’re looking for. Test your copy for clarity to see what drives more conversions. Run A/B tests with relation to copy clarity to not only make your pages easier to understand, but to see an uptick with regard to your conversion rate. For example, Get Your Free E-book has proved to be less successful than Get My Free E-Book. In an A/B test conducted by Unbounce, the use of the word “your” resulted in an 8.4 percent conversion rate while using “my” increased it to 13 percent. And when the word “free” was removed entirely, a 30 percent increase was reported.


You can’t have copy without design to represent it, and you can’t have design without copy to provide the necessary information. If your prospects can’t be persuaded by your copy, they’ll never convert. If you want to increase leads and ultimately enrollments for your school, contact Effective Student Marketing today.

~ Alyssa Taliaferro