paid media campaigns

How to Build Paid Media Campaigns to Find Qualified Applicants for My School

Marketing for your school is a lot like recruiting for a job. You’re not just trying to get potential candidates through the door. You want an actual employee—one who is a fit to your mission and your team. Likewise, in...
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college social media marketing team

Here’s How to Make Social Media Marketing for Colleges Work

Your school is on social media. Of course it is. But are you using social media strategically? Social media marketing for colleges can have a positive impact on your brand, community and enrollments. If you do it correctly. Audit Your...
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seo and content strategy

How to Earn Compound Interest in Digital Marketing: SEO

If you’ve ever bought anything on time—car, home, an education—you know that the sticker price you agreed to is never what you wind up paying. Because of compound interest, that 25-year $300,000 condo loan you took out at 5 percent...
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A New Generation: Here’s What to Know about Email Reputation

What’s Your Reputation? Sure, bad reputations are great fodder for songs like the iconic rock song by Joan Jett, but they’re disastrous to email marketing. A bad email reputation can determine whether or not your emails ever reach the inbox...
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person looking at design on a mobile phone

Living in a Mobile Design World: How to Design to Fit

When Google made the switch to mobile-first indexing for new sites in July, it was following through on a policy set in motion back in 2015. Then it was a shift to a mobile-friendly ranking strategy that many called “mobilegeddon.”...
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online search landscape

What You Need to Know about Featured Snippets for Higher Education

The Google search landscape looks a lot differently than it did only a few years ago. Gone are the days of the ten blue organic links. Now, Google search pages include several new types of results. One of the most...
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digital marketing firm examining data analytics

Start with the Analytics: Why the End is Your Beginning

For every campaign we run, there’s a point, actually several points, where we step back and look at the results. We examine the digital analytics to understand whether what we’re doing is achieving the goals we set out to achieve....
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PPC for higher education tips

Important PPC Tactics that Will Boost Your School’s Enrollment

PPC for higher education has become a standard means to attract and enroll new students. But with the cost of keywords continually escalating, it’s important to get every penny’s worth out of your investment dollars. You need to develop effective...
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lead scoring for higher education

How to Leverage Lead Scoring for Higher Education

Wouldn’t it be great if there were some way to determine whether that prospective student you’ve been courting would actually enroll? A way to weed out the disinterested parties from the blossoms that might truly bloom at your school? There...
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woman opening a LinkedIn InMail

Your LinkedIn InMail How-to for Higher Education

Email campaigns produce some of the best engagement metrics in higher ed marketing. It’s probably no surprise, then, that LinkedIn’s version—InMail—can also yield some pretty impressive results. While sponsored InMail campaigns don’t have the opt-in benefit of email (you can,...
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launching a new website

Launching a New Website: 4 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Your website needs to be a living digital document if you want it to be truly effective. It should evolve along with your institution and contain continually relevant content that appeals to your stakeholders. After launching a website, make sure...
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one of many CTAs for higher education

How to Create More Compelling CTAs for Enrollment

  The call-to-action is one of the simplest yet most important components to any higher ed advertising campaign. Whether you create an ad, an eBook or an email outreach, somewhere in your marketing effort, you need to tell the user...
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team looking at digital metrics

Ditch the Vanity Metrics for Digital Metrics that Matter

From the time you were a kid in high school, you probably understood that popularity contests were never about skill and substance. That’s the way it is with vanity metrics in digital marketing. They’re fluff without merit. They can make...
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local search engine optimization

Local SEO and Google My Business for Higher Education

Although it’s summertime and hockey season is over, it’s impossible to stop some people from spending time at the rink. Put yourself in the shoes, or skates, of a hockey player who wants to find a local rink with stick...
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AI from Google and Looker

What Does Google’s Looker Acquisition Mean to You?

I’m not sure what’s in your wallet, but when Google announced an all-cash deal to acquire data cloud platform Looker for $2.6 billion in its fourth largest acquisition, it hit home—once again—the massive financial capacity of the search engine giant....
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SEO and the Stock Market comparison

Can SEO Be as Volatile as the Stock Market?

Do you play the stock market? If you invest in a favored company or a 401K, you likely understand a bit about the vagaries of the market. They can be complicated, volatile, frustrating, fruitful. Their peaks and valleys represent a...
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a microsite for edu

Are Microsites the Wrong Approach for Higher Education?

Microsites for higher education can serve as good platforms for short-term promotional campaigns (think fundraising and development) or as tools to bring print publications online. They can build out a college within a school or highlight a one-off program or...
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heatmap for CRO

CRO: How Heatmaps Will Improve Your Results

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is all about inducing potential students to act once they land on your ads, website and collateral pages. It may feel great to get visitors and clicks, but without conversions, those actions are just vanity metrics....
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plug-ins for websites

Those Super Easy Plug-Ins: When Free Isn’t Worth the Price

Remember that old adage: you get what you pay for? Well, when it comes to all those easy-to-install website add-ons and plug-ins that are absolutely free, the platitude can be spot-on. Sure, they make it easy to update the look,...
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woman following her aspirations

How to Use Social Media to Build an Aspirational College Brand

Your students aspire to be great. They aspire to have careers, to have fulfilling lives. Those aspirations are powerful and driven by a multitude of motivators.  Many find motivation in their children, money, stability or any number of the benefits...
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