Our Values

We want to be your higher education digital marketing partner. Check out our core values and consider working with ESM Digital.

My team of #HigherEdGeeks and I have a “we’ll figure it out” philosophy that combines creativity and technology to stay innovative in digital marketing strategies that can bring success to your school and your students. We embrace transparency and urge you to hold us accountable. Instead of hiding behind some black mystery box of marketing, we educate and empower you so that you always know what is happening with your account, what’s working and what we might be able to do even better.

I founded Effective Student Marketing (now doing business as ESM Digital) more than a decade ago and adhere to the same bedrock principles with which I started:

  • Use marketing science to inform our actions
  • Try new and creative approaches
  • Educate to Empower our clients
  • Remain fully transparent about what we are doing
  • Never be satisfied with “good enough”
  • Always keep testing

Let us become your partner. I truly believe that together we can produce remarkable results.