About Us

About ESM Digital

ESM Digital was founded in 2004 as Effective Student Marketing to help institutions of higher education achieve their enrollment goals. The Massachusetts-based company began as a one-man marketing consultancy and has grown over the last decade, into a multi-million-dollar higher education digital marketing agency with partner schools spanning the United States.

Data-reliant and ever-resilient, ESM Digital uses integrated digital marketing strategies, in-depth analysis and constant evolution to produce and prove results that often exceed our partner schools’ expectations.

We are higher education experts and passionate marketing professionals who tell the stories of our partner institutions to connect with students, alumni, future students and relevant stakeholders. We constantly plan for change and are never satisfied with the status quo.

Introducing ESM Central

We listened!

Representatives from institutions across the country have told us how frustrating it is to work with agencies that do not understand what they do. They say those agencies seem eager to suck up marketing budgets but do not deliver on promises. They don’t find qualified students and worst of all, they hide behind a veil of illusion with a “trust us” message that rings hollow.

It’s time to get a better view!

ESM Central is a dynamic portal-based platform that provides you access to your data through an interactive visualization tool you can tap into whenever you want, from wherever you are. Check on inquiries, applications, enrollments and starts.

Track the sources of your most viable leads. Understand the actual ROI of your marketing investment, every step of the way, every day of the week. Most importantly, gain strategic insight of your account’s performance so you can make better informed marketing decisions.


Dashboards are built based on your unique mission and goals

Holistic Data Feeds

Up-to-date data are available from all lead sources, including paid, organic, affiliate


Your data view grows as your needs do, including unlimited campaigns, programs, schools, campuses and locations