About Us

ESM Digital is dedicated to helping you fulfill your school’s unique mission of preparing students to enter the American workforce.

Our founder, Andy Kelly, spent 12 years at the helm of the Marketing and Admissions departments for the nation’s fourth-largest private university. In 2004, he ventured out on his own, convinced that the science and discipline of direct marketing analysis could be transferred to a digital arena to produce significant results for the higher education sector.

Since then, ESM Digital has grown into a national digital marketing company of highly-skilled professionals who are passionately committed to customer service. Our team consists of marketers, analysts, content experts, and project managers who work together to achieve impressive results for our clients, winning rave reviews in the process.

Today, we are not only recognized by our clients for keeping our promises and delivering real value—but also as an excellent workplace, providing a home for dedicated professionals to develop and grow their careers on the cutting edge of marketing technology and creativity.

Geeks are people who love something so much that all the details matter.
Marissa MayerCEO, President, Director Yahoo! Inc.

We are happy to be “creatively dissatisfied,” and proudly wear the badge of #HigherEdGeeks. For all of us at ESM Digital, that means bringing fresh energy to our clients’ challenges every single day and pursuing new solutions with gusto.

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